• Al Rawad Residential City

    Al Rawad Residential City

    The growing population in Sana’a, continuously causing
    the need of new residential development to accommodate
    new comers. The extreme dedication was used in locating a
    site, which is easily accessible to most of the city to become
    the home of international cultural and modern designed
    building. Al Rawad Development with its 1200 unit in seven
    blocks and services such as (neighborhood mall, club house
    school and etc.). The symbol of Yemen identity committing
    to its residence being in a unique contemporary environment
    that delivers livings as a transformative experience for all
    people, irrespective of their origins. An inclusive housing
    where luxury is part of the community’s way of life.

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  • Al Rayan Hills

    Al Rayan Hills

    Located on a hill top overlooking the capital of Yemen (Sana’a), this project considered to have one of the most strategic luxurious in Yemen. It consists of 400 villas and town houses of varying sizes, four apartment buildings (8 to 12 story), five-star hotel, shopping area and office building.

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  • Baghdad st- Residential & offices buildings

    Baghdad st- Residential & offices buildings

    Located at Baghdad Street in capital of Yemen (Sana’a). This project consists of two 7-story towers (commercial and residential) with a grand entrance and underground parking to accommodate 30 cars.

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  • Diplomatic residential project

    Diplomatic residential project

    Diplomatic Towers is a residential project for the Socio-Cultural Association for the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Sana’a.

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  • Ghantoot Highway Rest Area

    Ghantoot Highway Rest Area

    The Ghantoot Highway Rest Area located on Al sheikh Rashed highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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  • Haddah Residential Tower

    Haddah Residential Tower

    Located in the prestigious Haddah district in Sana’a (capital of Yemen). This residential project is comprised of a 12- story residential tower with a swimming pool, health club and parking in two underground floors to accommodate 30 cars.

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  • Kamran Mixed-Use Development

    Kamran Mixed-Use Development

    Kamran mixed-used project located in the heart of Sana’a along one of the main street “Hada Street”. This landmark is designed in a creative luxurious way by presenting a modern aesthetic elements to satisfy the targeted customers. The different facilities and functions include residential tower, business tower, hotel, and podium to include Kamran Headquarters, medical centers, retails, cinema, food, beverages and underground parking. What makes this project an innovative is the flexibility of the plan for future expansions. As well the design had taken into account the surrounding areas and it is easily accessible to most of Sana’a.

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  • Nairobi Mixed Use Complex

    Nairobi Mixed Use Complex

    The fast grown Nairobi, Kenya is becoming one of the economic hubs to the African nations. To accommodate this commercial growth, many projects Proceeded and other on the way, were Nairobi mixed use complex will try to play a part in this future movement. The NMUC will consist of office tower, shopping center and high-end residential towers with a hotel overlooking the national park, designed to strive by presenting architecture with a modern twist.

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  • Rest Area West Area

    Rest Area West Area

    Al Sahraa new west area located on the west on the west highway between Al Tarif & Al Mafraq cities. The aim of this project is to create an area where people is to create an area where people can rest, shop & sleep along the busy road between Abu Dhabi & the border line of Saudi Arabia. This rest stop comprised of the main building which includes (supermarket, 50 rooms motel, restaurants, cafeterias, al Sahraa reach out offices, rental car offices, seating areas, children playground, pharmacy, retail stores, quick banking meeting rooms, etc.) , quick fix garages for cars and trucks, emergency cars waiting area, mosque, detained car & trucks area, two helicopters pads with emergency cars parking and Al Sahra workshop area which includes (offices, engineers & labors housing, garages, cafeteria, stores area).

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  • Sana’a East & Sana’a Terraces Projects

    Sana’a East & Sana’a Terraces Projects

    This project is owned by Emirates Investments Group L.L.C. The main consultant is the New Work LLC (based in New York and UAE). Yemeni Group is the local-consultant for these projects.

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  • Sana’a Towers

    Sana’a Towers

    This project is owned by AL-Qudra Holding P.I.S.C. (The Emirates giant Company) The main consultant is the Architecture & Engineering Consultants based in Abu Dhabi. YGCE is the local-consultant for the project.

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  • Sarab – AL Sahraa Group Multipurpose Complex

    Sarab – AL Sahraa Group Multipurpose Complex

    Sarab development (AL Sahraa H.Q.) established a new urban
    edge to the east north of Abu Dhabi, as well as a new address
    for AL Sahraa Group, clearly from which access is gained to the
    major element of the scheme. The main idea of this project is to
    design a new urban Quarter that reflects the nature of the desert
    using a high-end architecture. Some buildings designed in the
    form of dune and tents and others in the forms of drops and waves.
    The landscape surrounds the buildings gives the impression of a
    green oasis in the heart of the desert. In addition, the building color
    scheme completes the inspiration.

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  • Shumilah MIX-USED Project

    Shumilah MIX-USED Project

    Located in the prestigious Haddah district in Sana’a (capital of Yemen). This 14-story mixed use tower is comprised of residential and offices spaces with retail and a restaurant accommodation at the ground floor, two underground floor of parking (114 car parking), indoor swimming pool, health club and SPA center at the upper floor.

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