• Al Salah Foundation Orphanage

    Al Salah Foundation Orphanage

    Located in the heart of Sana’a . Al Salah orphanage it is a part of overall master plan will include an elementary, high school, hospital, library, stadium and etc.

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  • Future University of Sana’a

    Future University of Sana’a

    Future University is the home of national cultural, Education, scientific
    research and sporting institutions. It is a Symbol of Yemen identity
    committing to its campus of being a unique contemporary
    environment that delivers learning as a transformative experience
    for all people, irrespective of their origins, age and circumstance.
    An inclusive campus where learning is a part of the Community’s way
    of life, a vision for a better future for the young’s of Yemen, with hopes
    of becoming a beacon of learning and creativity. FUS to include the
    main campus (business, engineering, liberal art school and etc.)
    medical schools, teaching hospital, UK and Canadian universities
    as part of the exchange program and sport faculties. Future
    University exposes will students to a rich cultural and social
    environment. In the act of meeting new people, you learn
    new things and new ways of learning things.

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  • Sana’a Media City

    Sana’a Media City

    SMC (Sana’a Media City) designs simple yet elegant suggesting
    modernization of the country as a whole and the capital
    specifically, in time. The Yemeni architecture element reflecting
    the culture as endorsing the aesthetics of the design. This project
    located in the heart of the city on a top hill overlooking Sana’a
    the capital with distance views to beautiful mountains.
    The media city site program to accommodate 4 buildings
    comprised of 2 TV stations. Production, advertising company,
    radio station & newspaper along with a stadium of
    (2000 seats) theaters for large gathering.

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  • SLU- University

    SLU- University

    The university is centrally located in Southern Lebanon along the coastal highway. Such a location is easily accessible to commuting students as well as to the general public. It is to be a physical presence within the beautiful landscape of orchards and farms. There is a highway exit leading to the site, and a main road, which connects the site to the mountains of the east. The site overlooks the highway, and slopes up towards the mountains further east.

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